Why Suicidal???

Any woman can be suicidal! There are so many metabolism factors and women are more emotional and so factors can just pile up which make one suicidal until it all becomes too much. Just as it can all accumulate it also can all be reversed .Now this is interesting as some women will only need one quick treatment to reverse and others can take many months.  It is obviously the complexity of circumstances and the time such feelings have been building up that are major contributing factors. Then there are other considerations such as general health and support from others which can play a part.  Even the changes in the world which have affected the courting and mating process between men and women has been devastating to many women as the world has changed but the emotional entanglement which makes a woman so beautiful is still the same.

In each case attention should be given to the specific woman and her individual set of needs. Then the circumstances of the case. The following are some of the factors which can lead to the delicate condition.

The first is the strength and direction of family interaction. Every girl has to grow up and the conditions which she has to face are imprinted on the very cellular structure with which she enters womanhood. Love and attention or the lack of either are the two major factors and can be as hurtful as violence and unjust punishment. Schools can also play a part with similar or different range of destructive activities. Many ladies accumulate a collection of negative thoughts and traumatic imprints which act as a background to life as they progress.

Then there are relationships. A woman is born to be beautiful, loving, soft, caring. her role in life is implanted and within that role she is designed to be loved and supported wherever she is.  Disrespectful advertising and porn have contributed equally to the denigration of the female role in the last twenty years along with the growth in communications. Courting was observed and respected but now is rarely seen except in old movies. Attitudes are often uncomplimentary to females. So many females despair finding a responsible and respectful partner. Many follow less natural paths to achieve love and recognition.

Sickness is the next big factor. The SAD “standard american diet” leads to many ailments and in females the problems exhibit through the female genital parts and the nutrition and elimination systems. The functioning of these parts are compromised and so we see poor skin or often diseased skin, uninteresting bone structure and inability to perform activities which make them sought after. Genital problems which are very destructive in their mating role can often occur as a result of their diet.

Failure is another factor, in finances, careers and roles. Females are actually designed for a more simple role but modern day pressures have forced the changes where women have often the take their part in the commercial world and then need to do it better than men. In this role or the theoretically more simple management of the family and home affairs which is the traditional role. Women do need to succeed as well and also require the same level of recognition and often take it very badly when unable to soar at a high level.

All of these factors and others will be given a page in this website. It is important to stay in touch with the fact that reversal of suicidal tendencies is not only possible but practical and comprehensively researched. Every individual is different of course so the approach to each can follow some regular lines then has to be adjusted to apply to each case individually.

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